Our team

Orchestra conductor at the Maison Bleue

Over the past 14 years, the Maison Bleue has been regularly redesigned. Yoann Conte himself has "moved the walls" to better connect the teams and give this formidable address a very special touch.  La Maison Bleue is alive all year round, every day... and at every moment, a team is preparing a unique and privileged moment for you!

A thousand thanks to the dishwashers, gardeners, sommeliers, receptionists, technicians, cooks, floor staff, the restaurant teams, "every link in this chain that unites us".

Every link in the chain that binds us together

Eric Jacquier told him: "You're the conductor and all your colleagues are notes and you make your solfeggio with them, if you don't have your notes you don't make your music." Eric Jacquier Professional fisherman - Upper Lake Geneva.

The pronoun the Chef uses the most is NOUS. A true crew leader, Yoann Conte knows that alone we go faster, but together we go further.

Lively, present, sometimes ebullient... he loves more than anything to share his ideas with personalities from all over the world. Yoann Conte's team is made up of men and women who renew their love of the job every day: serving you, listening to you and offering you the best they have to offer.





Le Roc 

Front Desk


House Keeping

Our values :

Sharing, learning, helping each other

We are convinced that the success of our company lies in the cohesion and synergy between our teams, because together we go further.

Working at our company is about much more than just getting the job done. It embodies a culture of sharing, mutual learning and support.

We firmly believe that the diversity of skills and experience within our company is a real strength!

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