Welcome to our family home

Yoann remains, in spirit, that child who is curious and amazed by the world around him...

Ever since I was a child, I've been driven by my passion for sharing, my affection for the people around me and my desire to pass on what I've learned. These fundamental values, which resonate deeply within me, have found their fulfillment in our family inn. 

In our establishment, sharing takes on a singular form, that of a precious moment, a delicate bite, a sincere smile, or a shared emotion. We've created a place where every taste tells a story, and every guest becomes the protagonist of a unique experience. Much more than a house, our inn embodies a philosophy of life...

Come and share with us the essence of who we are...

"Courage is my compass, guiding every choice in my career. I venture where others hesitate, with the conviction that authenticity and boldness are the keys to success."

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